Unable to symbolize iOS apps with bitcode.

If you have enabled bitcode for your iOS project and published it from AppStore, Apple may rebuild your app. In that case, the app will be a different binary and cannot be symbolized using the dSYM file generated before the upload.

Instead, you will need to use the dSYM file downloaded from iTunes Connect. You will also need the *.bcsymbolmap file that was generated when the app was archived and is included in the xarchive.

The detailed procedure is as follows:

  1. Get the dSYM of the corresponding build from iTunes Connect.
  2. Get the *.bcsymbolmap file included in the BCSymbolMaps folder from the *.xcarchive generated when the app is archived.
    1. Right-click on the target file in the XCode Organizer and select "Show in Finder
    2. In the finder, right-click on the target *.xcarchive and select "Show Package Contents
    3. Copy the BCSymbolMaps folder to a location of your choice
  3. Use dsymutil to update the dSYM file.
    1. Execute the following command to overwrite the downloaded
      dSYMdsymutil --symbol-map PATH_TO_BCSYMBOLMAPS_DIR downloaded.dSYM
        • PATH_TO_BCSYMBOLMAPS_DIR: the path to the BCSymbolMaps folder described above
        • downloaded.dSYM: the path to the dSYM obtained from iTunes Connect as described above.
  4. Zip the updated dSYM and upload it to the SmartBeat console.

※ If you do not do steps 2 and 3 above, the function name will be displayed as __hidden#1234.


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