How do I symbolicate C/C++ reports?

Uploading the dSYM file (iOS) and so file (Android) allows the SmartBeat server to perform Symbolicate processing and confirm the acquired stack trace in the state of being symbolized.

There are two ways to upload each symbol file: automatic upload by script and manual upload from the Web console.

■ Automatic upload

By installing the provided "dSYM automatic upload script" or ".so Upload script" in the build environment, you can upload the symbol file automatically every build.

For details, please check the readme file in each provided script.

■ Manual upload

After selecting the target application, you can upload the dSYM file from the setting> dSYM screen.

When uploading, Symbolic will be done if the build UUID in the error details terminal information matches the UUID of the dSYM file.



As for the .so file, after selecting the target application, you can upload it from the setting> .so file screen.



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