[Xcode 10 and later] How to use the dsym_upload script to upload dSYM files.


1. Copy dsym_upload.sh to your project folder.

Copy dsym_upload.sh into any dir under your iOS project


e.g. /<project_root>/scripts/dsym_upload.sh


2.Edit Post-Actions in Xcode


  1. From Xcode's Top Menu (See screen capture) click the target name, then from "Manage Schemes..." open the appropriate target scheme to modify.
  2. Under "Build", select "Post-actions", then click the plus (+) and select "New Run Script Action", and open the script editing screen.
  3. Select the appropriate target in Xcode, then select the "Build Phases" tab.
  4. After "Run Script" is displayed, select the appropriate target in the "Provide build settins from" setting.
  5. Insert the following script in the box below the text "Type a script or drag a script file from your workspace to insert its path."

※Change the API Key and API Token to the values you obtain from the SmartBeat console.


source "${SRCROOT}/scripts/dsym_upload.sh"


With the above, dSYM will be automatically uploaded.

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