What's the Icon (Rapid Increase Icon) to the left of the error count?

The SmartBeat console, on the Error List Screen, displays an icon for each error which is rapidly increasing.



This rapid increase icon makes it possible to quickly identify and handle errors which suddenly increase.
External causes (Such as OS updates or new devices) or changes in quality between versions can be seen at a glance.

Within the top 30 error list, errors with a rapidly increasing share ratio relative to the previous day will have this icon displayed. ※1※2※3

Additionally, by mousing over the rapid increase icon like the one shown below, the rate of increase can be shown.



※1. The icon is only displayed when the display period is set to "Last 24 Hours", or a custom 1 day period is selected.
※2. Only displayed for the top 100 displayed errors having more than 1000 occurrences.
※3. Sudden share ratio increases are classified by comparing the display period and the previous day's error counts for the top 100 error and identifying errors with a share percent which has increased by a factor of 3 or more.

■Sudden share ratio increase classification structure


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